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Cheat Meal Cheat Sheet

Being bad never tasted so good! As summer fast approaches, many people are getting on their diets and eating clean to get beach ready. While it is important to keep yourself healthy and eat well, it is also important to indulge yourself every now and again in something sweet or savory. Don’t worry – it’s good to take a cheat day! And we’re going to tell you why.

Benefits of Brunch

Brunch… possibly the most iconic and exciting meal of the week. You get together on a Sunday morning with your friends to gossip, order obnoxious amounts of delicious food and drinks at 11am.  There couldn’t be anything better… could there be? What if there was a place that served brunch all day, EVERY day? We think that could make it better.

The History of the Grilled Cheese and How You Can Make YOUR Mark!

April 12th is coming up quick, for some people that may be just another day, but for us here at The Committed Pig, it is a national holiday! We’re celebrating this year by changing it up and featuring a new grilled cheese for one month. Whose grilled cheese, you might be wondering? Well, it could be YOURS!  Here’s a little history lesson on the famous sandwich before we get to how you can enter your grilled cheese into our contest!

A Breakfast for Champions You’ve heard it before, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why? Well, it helps prevent weight gain, boosts short-term memory, and even makes us happier and ready to start the day. The trick however, is to make sure your breakfast is somewhat healthy[…]

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Committed Pig of the Month- April 2018 Spring is finally here (even though it may not feel like it) and we couldn’t be happier. And in celebration of the warmer weather to come, we’d like to honor another member of our amazing Committed Pig Family. Erin Edly was nominated by her manager, Jackie Benevento, who[…]

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Have You Considered BYOB-ing It? BYOB- an often preferred method of dining out or grabbing brunch with friends for people all across the world. But did you know that The Committed Pig was also a BYOB restaurant? Well we are, so grab your favorite bottle of wine or champagne, or maybe that new beer you’ve[…]

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Celebrate with Morristown’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and whether you’re Irish or not, you are sure to have a blast at Morristown’s Annual Parade taking place on Saturday, March 10th. Join the town, including fire departments, police officers, school groups, and more, in this joyous celebration of culture[…]

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The History of French Toast You may have heard the news, but if not, take a seat… the origin of French toast has pretty much nothing to do with France! Throughout many countries, eras, and name changes, the French toast we know today had a start much different from what you may think. This beloved[…]

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Committed Pig of the Month- February 2018 For February, we actually have two standout employees for our Committed Pig of the Month. Aside from their strong work ethic, our employees this month were chosen for their everyday service, hospitality, and overwhelming sense of humanity. Rylee Kasbar and Katherine (Kathy) Tacuri from our Summit location have[…]

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7 ways to eat an egg

7 Ways to Eat an Egg   Tired of typical scrambled eggs or asking for your eggs over easy? The good thing is, there are a million ways to keep this high source of protein in your life and incorporate eggs into your diet without getting bored. Let’s take a look. Quiche Turn your eggs[…]

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