Burgers are served: rare, medium, or well only

All burgers are double patties made with a pat lafrieda blend of short rib, hangar steak, and brisket.

Served with your choice of fries, waffle fries, sweet potato waffle fries, or side salad.

Gluten free bun – $3 / brioche bun – $1.50
any burger can be substituted for a turkey patty or a veggie patty

  • Garlic Parmesean

  • Old School Buffalo

available dressings: chipotle honey, blue cheese, russian, ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, and oil & vinegar

served on balthazar pan au levain / gluten free bread – $3

Served with your choice of bacon, sausage links, or fresh fruit

Served with your choice of hash brown patties or fresh fruit

Served on a brioche bun with your choice of regular fries, waffle fries, sweet potato waffle fries, hash brown patties, fresh fruit, or gluten free buns – $2

  • Nutella Stuffed French Toast

    Nutella Stuffed French Toast14.00

hospitality is success


In 2008, during the midst of the worst financial climate in generations, Jerry Rotunno got his break by finding a financial partner, Tony Monteiro, through a craigslist ad. Tony, an Elizabeth native and seasoned restaurant owner, investor, politician, and accountant took a chance on Jerry’s outrageous ideas and can-do attitude. This twist of fate turned out to be kismet, and the start of a very long and prosperous relationship for the both of them.

Then, in 2009, the team opened their first restaurant, “food.” in Summit, NJ. The instant success focused on contemporary comfort food, highlighting gourmet burgers and an á la carte brunch. While many restaurants focused on local ingredients, Jerry only wanted the best of the best, no matter the distance. After begging the famous Pat LaFreida to deliver his product to NJ, “food.” became the first restaurant in the state to serve the expertly-prepared chop meat. Similarly, after experiencing the best cup of coffee he’d ever had, Jerry would not rest until a deal was struck with Allann Bros to have their product flown in all the way from Oregon.


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