Cheat Meal Cheat Sheet

Cheat Meal Cheat Sheet

Being bad never tasted so good! As summer fast approaches, many people are getting on their diets and eating clean to get beach ready. While it is important to keep yourself healthy and eat well, it is also important to indulge yourself every now and again in something sweet or savory. Don’t worry – it’s good to take a cheat day! And we’re going to tell you why.

The theory behind the “cheat day” strategy is simple. You get a reward once a week during your diet, and this is supposed to keep you on track with your diet long term. According to Healthline, when you restrict calories, your metabolism can take a hit. Cheat days may help kick-start your metabolism to offset any slowdowns. Splurging also can satisfy those inevitable cravings, helping you stay on track long-term. By not completely depriving yourself you’ll stick to your diet because you know come Friday (or whatever day you choose) you’re in for a serious treat. Now, whether you chose to do a cheat meal or day is your decision… but either way we are here to help you!

How do you decide what to get? This is your cheat meal, you can go all out with this one. It is recommended by Healthline that you have this meal planned out in advanced, because the key to a successful diet is a balance of calories in and calories out. With this cheat meal you want to have the calories worked into your diet plan for the week! Lucky for you, we are here to offer you some of our personal favorite cheat treats here at the Committed Pig!

If you’re a breakfast type, we suggest any of our pork roll sandwiches, because, let’s face it – how could you possibly go wrong with a piled high pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich? We also highly recommend our stacked French toast or cookie dough pancakes. Both loaded high with deliciousness that is sure to satisfy any craving. In a dinner mood? You cannot go wrong with our Pig Mac and fries. Our Pig Fries are a MUST have on your cheat day, along with some fried pickles! We’re getting hungry just thinking about it…

Feeling guilty? Don’t! According to Science Direct, in a one three-month study they noticed that people who associated chocolate cake with celebration had more success with their weight loss goals than those who linked this food to feelings of guilt. So celebrate this meal and tomorrow, get right back to working on your weight loss goal!

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