Our Obsession with Comfort Food

We’ve all been there. We’re hungry, and the only thing that will satisfy our stomachs is some delicious, greasy, sweet comfort food. Eating food of this variety not only appeals to our taste buds, but to our physiological and emotional beings as well. There is a lot more to food than meets the mouth. Nobody understands that more than The Committed Pig, where you are sure to find the perfect comfort food for you. Let’s take a closer look at how these types of foods affect us.

  1. It Cheers Us Up

Simply put- comfort foods (typically high in fat, salt, and sugar) put us in a good mood. They activate the brain’s reward system and often make you happier. It is just like when you finally bite into that chocolate bar you’ve been craving and feel a sense of joy and relief.

  1. It’s Nostalgic

You know the feeling. You see and smell that macaroni and cheese, causing you to flash back to your childhood, when your mom used to cook dinner for you and your siblings. Or maybe you catch the whiff of a burger that reminds you of family BBQ’s. Food is capable of producing a strong link between your senses and your emotional memory, which is often a positive feeling. A lot of times, this connection can even cause us to find certain foods more appealing as adults. 

  1. Association with Gatherings

Birthday parties, family gatherings, holiday get-togethers… what do they all have in common? Food! At events like these, there is typically an abundance of it, including a variety of comfort foods. So, when we are presented with similar comfort foods in other situations, we think back to these events full of family and friends. Like the previous note on nostalgia, the emotions presented are often pleasant and welcoming.

So, now you know a bit more about why these foods are so appealing to most of us. All this talk on comfort food is making us hungry… looks like it’s time for a quick trip to The Committed Pig. See you there!

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