4 Delicious (Diet Friendly!) Options for Sunday Brunch

4 Delicious (Diet Friendly!) Options for Sunday Brunch

 We understand that when most people think of The Committee Pig, they think our meals are typically unhealthy. I mean, we do have pig in our name! But the truth is, we are dedicated to serving customers with all dietary restrictions and preferences. Allowing customers the ability to enjoy the same meals as their friends and family by simply customizing their meals is important to us. Are you looking for some ideas for brunch this Sunday?

Gluten Free

Here at Committed Pig, we are able to make many meals gluten free. Yep, you heard that right! Since the need for gluten-free options has increased throughout the years, we want to accommodate everyone’s needs! We carry gluten free buns and bread, and you can always have your meal with no bread at all, or over salad! Just ask your server to have the chef make a gluten-free version and enjoy! 


We also do our best to accommodate customers committed to a vegan diet. Whether you are choosing to go vegan for health issues or for personal preferences, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to eat your favorite Committed Pig meal. We will eliminate common ingredients such as butter and make sure to use a separate grill or fryer from those that we use to cook meats. Enjoy our avocado salad without the tortilla chips or go for the veggie burger, sans bun, for a fork and knife approach. Feel free to get creative! 


Although we love our ham, bacon, and pork roll, there are plenty of dishes to try without these ingredients or by simply eliminating them from the mix. We offer salads and quesadillas that you can order without the meat included, along with an array of omelets that will suit any veggie lover. If you love avocado, you’re in luck, as we enjoy featuring the popular fruit in many of our dishes. 

Cutting Carbs

If you’re simply looking for a meal with fewer calories or something a little lighter on the stomach, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Instead of ordering fries with your meal, try ordering one of our side salads with a low-calorie dressing. If you decide you want pancakes or French toast, ask for it without powdered sugar on top or skip the bacon on the side.

We hope we inspired you to try something new or maybe give us a try for the first time. Grab some friends and head to one of our three locations in Morristown, Summit, or Manasquan for a Sunday brunch you are sure to love!

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