What Does It Mean to Be a Committed Pig?

What Does It Mean to Be a Committed Pig?

All three of our restaurants are full of dedicated employees that, as you may have seen, we love to spotlight when given the opportunity. An important aspect of being a Committed Pig, aside from dedication to your role, is being a team player. In the service industry, there is no room for single players and those who refuse to lend a helping hand.

A great example of these qualities is Quinn Vaticano from our Manasquan location. Quinn has been with The Committed Pig for about five years now, starting as a server and working her way up to a shift lead through the years. Not only is Quinn excellent at her job, but she is also a true leader with the determination to make every shift great. She radiates happiness which is contagious in a work environment like ours and makes sure all of her coworkers are having a good time. You could say she is a natural morale booster- loud, proud, fun, and genuine! All of these traits have allowed Quinn to bring a new meaning to the word ‘team’ among the staff, and that is what it truly means to be a Committed Pig.

Quinn explained to us how “the family environment at The Committed Pig makes everyone feel right at home. The whole staff is so committed to the job that we bond over it and compare it to other restaurants. The staff is committed to each other, as well. We’ve all watched the pig grow, through all of its ups and downs, and we’ve always been together through it all. No matter what has happened, we all know that none of us would give up and that we would all work it out. The Committed Pig isn’t just a restaurant; we turned it into a home.”

This month, Quinn will be leaving her Committed Pig family in pursuit of the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. Watching her journey through the process of being accepted into the program has been a real motivator for the entire team. The staff could not be happier for Quinn and knows that she will do amazing, but she will surely be missed.

As a farewell to this Committed Pig, some of her fellow staff has some inspiring parting words:

Quinn is one of the best employees that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has always been a team player, willing to go the extra mile, and never lets anyone down. I wish her the best of luck in the Marines; I know she’ll do great.

– Jerry Rotunno, Owner

Laughs, giggles, and a few punches; that’s the crazy girl in a nutshell, Quinn Vaticano.

– Bella Rodriguez, Co-worker

I’ve really enjoyed working with Quinn through the years. I’ve watched her grow professionally and personally and have gotten to the point where I can call her my friend. Her commitment to not only her job, but to the company as a whole and each one of her co-workers, and even all of the customers, has been easy to make an example out of. She is right, there have been ups and downs, but she has made it easier to endure just by being here and bringing her personality to the table. I couldn’t be happier for her and her future endeavors, and I’ve encouraged her the entire way. We’re each other’s number one fans, and I don’t take for granted a second of the time that she has spent devoting herself to this company. I wish Quinn nothing but the best in the future and know she will always be an honorary Pig for life.

– Lara Orner, General Manager of the Manasquan location.

Quinn has always made her job a priority. She is willing to cover any and every shift to help others out if they need it. But more importantly, she brings a great team spirit and morale whenever we need it most. She has brought all of us to tears laughing at times, even when we didn’t want to and she makes sure to always keep everyone motivated. She will be a major asset to the marines as she has already brought the hard work and dedication mentality to her job here.

– Lena Sisco, Co-worker

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