Vegetarian Options at The Committed Pig

Vegetarian Options at The Committed Pig

We know that when you hear the name “The Committed Pig” you don’t immediately think of vegetarian food. While we do offer a wide array of burgers, pork roll sandwiches, and many other options meat-eaters love, we do have vegetarian options. Believe it or not, The Committed Pig is not just for meat-eaters. And, our vegetarian options include so much more than just salad! We’ve talked about our diet friendly menu in the past, but today is all about the vegetarian options, which are not explicitly mentioned on our menu. So, here is our guide to the delicious vegetarian dishes we offer! 


Burgers are not all about the meat! We have a Veggie Burger on our menu that includes fresh avocado and a sliced tomato. Not a fan of avocado? Switch out any of the meat patties in our burger creations for the veggie burger patty instead. You can get something like the Illy Dilly burger with a veggie patty or if you want something like the Baked Brie Burger, which comes with bacon, simply ask for our chef to hold the bacon. We will happily create the veggie burger you desire. 

Grilled Cheese

Lucky for you, we specialize in grilled cheeses. We have exactly three on our menu which are already meat-free: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, The Fig-N-Brie, and Garlic Avocado. A classic grilled cheese and tomato soup is an obvious vegetarian option, while the latter two sandwiches put a twist on everything you think you know about grilled cheese. 

Pancakes and French Toast

One of the best parts about breakfast is that you don’t need the meat to make it complete. All of the pancake and French toast options on our menu are vegetarian friendly. We also give you the option of picking your side. So, instead of a side of bacon or sausage with your Cookie Dough Pancakes or Nutella Stuffed French Toast, you can get a tasty fresh fruit cup!


We know not all vegetarians are fond of eating eggs, but if you are, we have some egg options for you! The Avocado Omelette already comes meat-free, but some of our options can be made without meat. In the Breakfast Quesadilla, for example, you can ask for us to hold the ham. Our One Eyed Pete and Croque Madam can be made without the bacon and ham as well. If breakfast is egg-xactly the meal you’re craving, we can accommodate your meatless diet!


Macaroni and Cheese Dinner

The key to a happy day is just one Mac and cheese away. The only meat in this dish is in the side. Instead of a side of bacon collard greens, ask your waiter if you can sub in a fruit cup, a side salad, or one of the other sides you see on the menu. 

Fried Pickles and French Fries

Have you really ever eaten at The Committed Pig if you haven’t tried our Fried Pickles or one of our four versions of French Fries (regular, sweet potato, waffle, and sweet potato waffle)? And, guess what, they’re vegetarian!!! Now you can eat all of the French Fries and Fried Pickles your heart desires.


Our desserts are vegetarian (and completely delicious)! Try one of our cakes in a jar or our red velvet covered Oreos next time you’re here.

At The Committed Pig, we are committed to giving you exactly what you want in a meal. If you want to switch one of our menu items around, just ask your waiter! We want to give you the best experience possible when you come in to eat. Find some of your fellow vegetarian friends and come into one of our three locations in Morristown, Summit, or Manasquan to try these delicious vegetarian options!

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