The Benefits of Eating Together

The Benefits of Eating Together

Going out to eat with family and friends is a favorite pastime for most. But did you know that eating together is also beneficial to our health? Even without considering the nutritional value of a meal, experts agree that there are physical and mental health benefits for those of all ages when we gather around the table together. So, despite your many hectic schedules, make sure mealtime is still present so that you too can enjoy these benefits.

Relieve Stress

The bottom line is that life can be stressful at times, and that’s not going to change. So, the best things we can do for our bodies is to find ways to relieve that stress, as it can ultimately lead to

heart disease, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s dementia, weight gain, and loss of sleep. Luckily, discussions that occur during mealtime often have special qualities that help relieve some of that stress. It is more relaxing than conversation held over the phone or at work. Just talking about your day can leave you feeling peaceful.

Strengthen Relationships and Traditions

Eating with others typically means sharing personal stories and life updates. Even if you are grabbing a bite just to catch up with a friend you see a couple times a year, it can mean a lot in the relationship. People really look forward to these types of dates, whether they are monthly, yearly, or even weekly.

For young children, it can form memories of family and friends that they will cherish when they’re older and hopefully continue, as well as pass on to their children. The conversation held over meals can also aid in helping children express their thoughts and feelings to those around them. You don’t always realize the impact a few hours can have on a lifetime. 

Improve Brain and Memory Function

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is maintain healthy social interactions or stay connected. Social interaction produces positive effects in that brain that impact memory and cognitive function as we age. This will help us with our focused attention down the line, with fewer interruptions of daydreaming. It is also our greatest weapon, along with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, against Alzheimer’s Dementia, as there is no cure or medication against its symptoms. 

Plus, there are multiple studies showing that frequently dining together is linked with a greater ability to problem solve, more complex thinking, higher self-esteem and grades, and lower rates of teen smoking, drinking, illegal drug use, and prescription drug abuse. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your family and friends because there’s never been a better reason to share a meal. Stop by The Committed Pig located in Morristown, Manasquan, and Summit, New Jersey for your next delicious gathering.

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