Going Above and Beyond for Customers

Going Above and Beyond for Customers

It’s clear that a restaurant would be nowhere without the loyalty of its customers, both frequenters and newcomers. However, it’s not always easy for new restaurants to gain that solid consumer base, especially if they don’t take the time and effort to show the customers that they care. We started the Committed Pig to bring friends, family and strangers happily together while they enjoyed a delicious meal. From day one, we have been focused on making our customer’s overall experience one to remember. Never letting this idea fade has helped us achieve success.

We asked our general managers to share a few favorite thoughts and memories about the customers that make their job one to love every day.

Over in our Summit location, our General Manager Pat Angelo, told us about a few customers that visit the restaurant quite often and began ordering their own creations based off of menu items. “I mean everyone modifies their orders, but these specific customers really created their own dishes,” he added. Since we had all of the ingredients in house, we were of course able to bring their orders to life. After they continued to order the same thing over and over, Pat went up to their table and mentioned how the restaurant added a specific button on the computer for when they visited. This way, those customers didn’t have to explain their order every time. It made them feel not only special, but a part of our family. They had their very own menu item in the computer!

In Morristown, we talked to the General Manager, Dillon Smith, who told us the story of a loyal customer that’s been coming in to eat since day one. “Every time she comes in, all the servers hope that she sits in their section because her and her entire family are so nice. She’s been there for some of our worst days, yet only has great things to say about us,” he said. The staff noticed that she always brings a little bottle of lemon juice with her to the restaurant for her iced tea and after several visits, they asked her if there was a problem with the iced tea. She told them how she just brings the bottle everywhere, and that the iced tea was fine. They told her that the restaurant would be happy to squeeze her some fresh lemon juice if she ever forgot her own or even if she just wanted us to. “The next week she ended up asking one of the servers and it was awesome to watch them get all excited to help out one of our most loyal customers.”

“As far as specific incidences of going above and beyond for customers- It’s hard to pinpoint just one because we truly live by this motto daily!” Explained the General Manager of our Manasquan location, Lara Orner. She mentioned how whenever a customer comes up with a crazy burger idea, they take pictures to document it. They also love taking pictures of the customers with their friends and family if they wish. “We value their suggestions and enjoy their company. We wouldn’t be the Committed Pig without them and we do a great job every day of proving that!”

At the Committed Pig, we pride ourselves in what we do, in our consistency, quality and service. Thank you to everyone who helped us get to where we are today. We would certainly love to see you at one of our restaurants soon and if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe even all three!

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